Our coffees are either single origin coffees from Four Barrel Coffee, or blends from De La Paz Coffee, and are  roasted and delivered to the café weekly. To keep true to the flavor of these exceptional coffees, we individually prepare each cup, whether it’s drip or espresso.

We offer French Press coffee for those in a hurry. This can be ordered in-house or to-go.

We also sell whole bean coffee so if you would rather brew at home or need a perky gift, stop by and see our selection.






Single Origin—Four Barrel

Chuito                       4.
Antigua, Guatemala
Caturra, Villasarchi
Candied lemon, citrus, clean and structured

De La Paz                 3.75
Peel Sessions – Blend
Serengeti, Tanzainia,
Kabingara, Kenya
Blackberry, raspberry, tamarind

Big City – Blend
Chuito, Guatemala
El Palto, Peru
Devil’s food cake, butterscotch, raisin

Graceland – Blend                  
Las Cañas, Guatemala
Huye, Rwanda
Concord grape, yellow peach, dark chocolate

B-Side Decaf
Red plum, watermelon, carob