Mercury Menu

We make our soups, sandwiches, scones, muffins, and pies by hand, using the freshest ingredients, most of which are organic and produced in California, if not in the Bay Area. We believe in supporting sustainable, local agriculture and local businesses as much as possible. As cliche as this may seem these days, this principle is rooted in the work done at Food First, a local nonprofit food policy institute that has done extensive research on local food systems, industrial agriculture, and trade policies that affect sustainability and hunger throughout the world.

Our produce and fruit comes from San Francisco’s Veritable Vegetable, a wholesale produce company that began as a collective in the early 1970s and concentrates in organic and local produce.

The chocolate for our mochas and hot chocolates comes from Recchiutti Confections, San Francisco’s finest confectioner of exquisite chocolates.

The bread that makes our sandwiches so good is from Acme Bread Company, well known throughout the Bay Area with bakeries in Berkeley and at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s Gilt Edge Creamery, family owned since 1908, delivers our milk, cheese, and butter, so it’s always fresh.

Molinari & Sons, a San Franciscan mainstay since 1896, provides our mortadella and salame. We consider them among the best we’ve ever had.

Zoe’s Meats of Santa Rosa delivers our turkey, ham, and roast beef. Their meats are sustainably sourced and locally produced, and better reflect our values as a local business supporting other local businesses.

While purchasing local goods might result in slightly higher prices, it also supports a far more sustainable system, helps protect the environment, and keeps jobs in our community.